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"The Princely Parrots" Wool/Silk Scarf
"The Princely Parrots" Wool/Silk Scarf
"The Princely Parrots" Wool/Silk Scarf
"The Princely Parrots" Wool/Silk Scarf

Sabina Savage

"The Princely Parrots" Wool/Silk Scarf


The detailed and multifaceted illustrations give each scarf a unique and signature aesthetic.

Sabina Savage's luxury scarf brand offers heritage-inspired prints on exquisite fabrics. Each illustration tells an inspired story and is intricately hand-drawn by Sabina—sometimes taking up to six weeks for a single design—before being printed and hand-finished by the renowned artisans of Como, Italy. The matte, opaque texture of the medium-weight, beautifully soft wool and silk blend fabric gives the prints an antique finish. Each piece is hand-edged with a delicate fringe.

From The Tower Menagerie collection, which references many of the astounding zoological tales recorded from The Tower of London's Royal Menagerie (1200-1835) and imagines if the animals escaped into the parks of old London town. "Swooping through the tower and out into the streets beyond, the mischievous parrots head straight for Hyde Park. They fill their claws with riches from The Jewel House, and joyfully scatter them over the gardens as they fly. The sovereign’s scepter gleams in the soft daylight, accompanied by Queen Victoria’s coronation ring."

  • Details

  • 70% wool / 30% silk

    53" x 53" with hand-fringed edging

    Single faced design

    Dry clean only

    Designed in The United Kingdom / Made in Italy