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Anna's Palette Dusty Rose Charger

Anna Weatherley

Anna's Palette Dusty Rose Charger


Refreshingly rooted in history, and equally at home in contemporary or traditional settings. 

In Anna Weatherley's studio in Budapest, Hungary, beautiful designs are hand-painted on European porcelain to the exacting standards of centuries-old tradition. Graceful silhouettes, rich, custom colors, and accents of 24K gold are the hallmarks of this lovely dinnerware.

Each hand-painted piece from the Anna's Palette collection adds a striking element of design and color to a well-set table.

  • Details

  • Care

  • Hand-painted porcelain china

    White with light pink rim and accents of 24K gold

    Measures 12" diameter

    Not microwave safe

    Made in Hungary

  • While this product is dishwasher-safe, we recommend hand washing. Avoid scouring pads and abrasive washing detergents which could remove the pattern.

    In hard water areas, dry your dinnerware thoroughly before storing it to prevent the formation of deposits. These soluble deposits can easily be removed with a mild acid such as vinegar.