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Edgey Charger
Edgey Charger
Edgey Charger


Edgey Charger



Functional works of art, each Annieglass piece is as durable as it is lovely.

The Edgey collection is a contemporary favorite! In the kiln, the hand-chipped edges are softened, yet retain their dramatic texture. Set the stage for your other dinnerware with this stylish and - yes! - edgy charger.

Handmade in California and dishwasher-safe, Annieglass luxury dinnerware is lauded for its durability and contemporary style. Kiln-firing ensures chip-resistance and fuses the hand-painted precious metal trims to the glass, resulting in a slightly distressed effect - not too formal, not too casual. Guaranteed to be your most reached-for tableware for years to come.

  • Details

  • Care

  • Measures 12" in diameter

    Made of durable, chip-resistant glass & 24K gold

    Completely food safe

    Rim color: Gold

    Handmade in USA

  • Dishwasher safe with a mild detergent

    Not oven or microwave safe