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Loofa Bath Soap
Loofa Bath Soap
Loofa Bath Soap

Erika Reade Ltd

Loofa Bath Soap


Sea Loofa
Mint Loofa

Pair with our Sisal Wash Cloth for an easy-peasy gift.

This best-selling bar is offered as a luxury staple everywhere from five-star resorts to Chinese department stores. Made with 2% seaweed from the coast of Brittany, the added seaweed powder forms little clumps which melt more slowly than the soap itself, creating a perfect exfoliating surface. Each bar comes individually wrapped and labeled. The mint bar has a refreshing – you guessed it – peppermint-y fragrance.

  • Details

  • Size: 5oz

    Ingredients: Palm oil, coconut oil, sodium hydroxide, fragrance, seaweed, karite butter (shea butter), laureth 4, iron oxides