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Whether in-store or online, gift wrap is always complimentary! Whether in-store or online, gift wrap is always complimentary!
Torreon Hurricane
Torreon Hurricane
Torreon Hurricane

Jan Barboglio

Torreon Hurricane


A rich, comfortable patina makes each piece instantly collectible.

Inspired by the history and spirituality of old Mexico, artisan Jan Barboglio's creations are aesthetically warm, primitively handsome, and recognizably unique. Hand-made using forged iron, blown glass, reclaimed wood or natural leather, each is finished with the artist's signature and accompanied by a card with a special sentiment, proverb or poem. Which makes for a very special gift, indeed.

  • Details

  • Use and Care

  • Displays candles and flowers beautifully

    Measures 10"h x 5"d

    Materials: Hand-blown glass and iron

    Each item is handmade and may vary slightly

  • Hand-wash glass vessel. Clean iron base with a soft dry cloth.

    Never leave a lit flame unattended or allow a candle to burn too low, as the glass can become hot and break. We suggest placing salt or sand underneath the candle or tea light to protect the glass and to assist in wax removal.

    For further protection of the iron work, use Minwax polyurethane, available in spray cans at all hardware stores in clear satin or semi-gloss finish. If you wish to use your pieces outdoors, Minwax also has an indoor/outdoor spar urethane. Additionally, Johnson’s paste wax can be applied lightly.